Removing the Autopay feature for a Customer

You have the flexibility to manage autopay options for your customers according to your business needs. There might be situations where you need to unenroll the autopay feature for a specific customer. This article provides step-by-step guidance on how to remove the autopay feature for a customer, ensuring smooth payment management.

Option A: Deleting Paystand Payer ID and Payment Token

This option is suitable when you have multiple open invoices enrolled to Autopay under the same Customer Record. However, it's essential to note that choosing this option will result in the deletion of all funds or tokens saved for the customer, rendering them unavailable for future use, including through the virtual terminal. Follow these steps:


By selecting Option A, all funds and tokens saved for the customer will be permanently deleted. This means that you will lose access to these funds and tokens for any future transactions, including those conducted via the virtual terminal. Please consider this carefully before proceeding.

1. Access Customer Record: Navigate to the Customer Record associated with the autopay setting you wish to remove.
2. Delete Paystand Payer ID: Within the Customer Record, locate and delete the Paystand payer ID associated with the autopay option.

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3. Delete Payment Token: Similarly, delete the Paystand Payment Token linked to the autopay arrangement.
Please exercise caution when selecting this option, as any saved funds or tokens will be permanently deleted.

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Option B: Adjusting Invoice Eligibility

Option B is suitable for instances where you don't have many open invoices from a specific Customer Record enrolled in Autopay. This method allows you to disable autopay for selected invoices while retaining the funds on file for future transactions, including those conducted via the virtual terminal.

1. Access Invoices: Locate and access the invoices associated with the customer you want to disable autopay.
2. Modify Invoice Settings: For each invoice, switch the invoice status from eligible to ineligible.
3. Remove Due Date for Autopay: Additionally, remove the due date for autopay from the invoices to prevent them from being processed automatically.
Once an invoice is set to ineligible, the autopay feature will not run for that specific invoice.

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