How do Credit Card Fees work?

Merchants are liable for paying credit card processing fees, which are paid to the card-issuing bank, credit card association, and the merchant's credit card processor. 

Credit Card fee Notes

Credit card fees are charged on a tiered pricing model with a contracted base rate.

Card fees will be assessed as the interchange data is received by our banking partners and networks. Your qualified card (b2b level 3, eCommerce basic, card present, regulated debit, and non-profit) rate is included in your contract:

Tier 2

A 25bps assessment is added for tier 2 cards (b2b level 2, card not present basic cards, unregulated debit, basic rewards cards).

Tier 3

An additional 50bps assessment is added for tier 3 (commercial and consumer premium cards).

Tier 4

An additional 50 bps assessment is added for tier 4 (high-tier commercial cards).

International and Multi-currency 

Transactions using cards provided by non-domestic issuers and transactions requiring currency conversion will be assessed as additional fees as defined by the card network. These rates are applicable to Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club, and JCB.

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