What is a Dispute?

A dispute is a charge you have a question, claim, or complaint. A dispute occurs when a payer contacts their issuing bank and requests to have their money returned.

Dispute Reasons

There are several types of reasons you may want to dispute a charge:

  • Fraudulent purchases
  • Billing errors 
  • Service not rendered. 
  • Quality of goods or services
  • Goods or Service was not delivered

How do Disputes works?

  1. The payer makes a payment.
  2. Paystand receives the funds.
  3. Paystand sends the funds to the merchant.
  4. The payer disputes the payment with their banking issuer.
  5. The merchant receives an email about the dispute, and the disputed amount is deducted from the merchant’s account.
  6. The merchant sends Paystand the required evidence & documents to contest the dispute before the due date.
  7. If the merchant wins the dispute, they will send funds to the merchant's account 
  8. If the merchant loses the dispute, the payer will be refunded back.

Dispute Fee

A USD 35.00 fee will be charged for every dispute, regardless of the status of the dispute.

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