Managing Webhooks During Server Upgrades

During server upgrades or maintenance, it's essential to ensure that any automated processes, such as webhooks, are appropriately managed to avoid disruptions in service. This article provides guidance on how to temporarily disable webhooks in the Paystand Dashboard to accommodate server upgrades while minimizing impact on your payment operations.

Steps to Manage Webhooks

Access the Integrations Tab: Navigate to the Integrations tab in your Paystand Dashboard to the Webhook Events URLs section.

Screen Shot 2024-02-16 at 12.12.23 p.m..png

Disable Webhooks Toggle: Once on the Integrations tab, locate the toggle for webhooks (see attached screenshot). Toggle this setting to disable webhooks temporarily during the server upgrade period.

Understanding Webhook Disabling: Disabling webhooks will stop transmitting webhook events during the specified timeframe. Paystand will not retain any webhooks during this period.

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