Paying a Sales Order (SO) using the Virtual Terminal

This article explores the streamlined process of using Netsuite's Virtual Terminal to handle payments for Sales Orders.

Pay a Sales Order using the Virtual Terminal. 

1. To start the payment process, click the Pay with Paystand button to show the virtual terminal from the Sales Order.


When the virtual terminal is shown, you can see the total amount of the transaction and the fee depending on the fund used.

You are allowed to modify the payment amount in the subtotal field.

2. Once you choose a fund and payment amount, click the Create Payment button. 

You can also do partial payments by just adjusting the amount field


3. When the Create Payment button is clicked, the virtual terminal communicates with Paystand and registers the payment. If the process is successful, a message is shown on the virtual terminal; otherwise, an error message is shown.


4. When the payment is registered, Paystand sends a signal to Netsuite to confirm the payment, and then it creates a Customer Deposit.


The Customer Deposit should be shown as Deposited, and a Deposit Application (Invoice) should be created.



Disable fees on Sales Orders

This section focuses on a key feature—disabling fees using the Virtual Terminal. Discover how to effortlessly manage fees for sales orders, providing flexibility and control over transaction costs within the Netsuite platform.

To activate this feature, contact your designated Customer Success Manager (CSM). For any technical concerns related to this feature, please submit a request to our support team.

1. Select the Pay With Paystand button within the Sales Order.

2. Enter the payment amount and choose an existing fund or create a new one to proceed with the transaction.

3. Select the Disable Fees checkbox to deactivate fees


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