Adding an email address to the Customer Record

Having an email address associated with the customer record is of paramount importance for the integration to work as intended. Here's why:

  • Unique Identifier: An email address serves as a unique identifier for each payer. It ensures that there is no confusion or duplication in the system.

  • Communication: Email addresses are essential for communication with payers. It allows us to send payment confirmations, updates, and receipts, keeping payers informed.

  • Efficient Payment Processing: Email addresses enable swift and accurate payment processing. They help us connect the payment with the correct payer account.

Adding an Email Address

1. Access Netsuite: Log in to your Netsuite account.

2. Locate the Customer Record:

Screenshot of: **Locate the Customer Record**:

3. Edit the Customer Record.

Screenshot of: Edit the **Customer Record.**

4. Add an Email Address

Screenshot of: Add an Email Address

5. Save Changes

Screenshot of: **Save** Changes


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