Making Email Templates Inactive

Managing email templates is important for streamlining your payment process. Occasionally, you may consider making certain email templates inactive. However, you might have concerns about the potential impact this could have on your system. This article aims to address those concerns and give you some clarity about inactive email templates. 

What Does It Mean to Make Email Templates Inactive?

When you make an email template inactive, it will no longer work for payment requests in NetSuite.
For payers, the Pay Now! link will not work. 

No Impact on Other Email Templates:

One common question when considering inactive email templates is whether it will affect the functionality of other templates. The answer is simple: No, making email templates inactive will not impact the performance or functionality of other email templates. The inactive status of one template does not interfere with the functioning of the remaining active templates.

Why Make Email Templates Inactive?

There can be many reasons, here is a use case.

A merchant would like to inactive the email template Paystand - Accept Deposit for Quote/Estimate & sales order.

The merchant won't be accepting payments on quotes or sales orders.



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