How to create Schedule Payments?

Scheduled payments are regular recurring payments.

The scheduled payments feature allows payments to be collected on a specific date set. They can be made on a recurring basis set in the Paystand Dashboard using the payer’s saved fund.

Set up Schedule Payments

1. Click Payers

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2. Select the payer you would like to set up the scheduled payment by Clicking on the Payer ID

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3. Select the fund that will be used for the scheduled payment by clicking the schedule payments icon.

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4. Enter the amount of the payment.
    Enter the interval for the scheduled payment to run.
    Enter the Schedule Payment Name. E.g., "Monthly Subscription"

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5. The schedule payments feature has more options to be set up by clicking Advanced

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6. You can select if you want the scheduled payment to be continuously

     Enter more parameters for the time Interval.

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7. Click Create Scheduled Payment to save the scheduled payment

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8. A confirmation message will pop-up

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