How to reprocesses Autopay failures

Autopay workflow failures cause payments for an invoice not to be processed and the tokenized payment method will display the Autopay Status as Failed. Searching the Paystand Help Center will show the most common Autopay Failure Reasons.

After making the required changes to the tokenized payment method, the Autopay workflow can be set to rerun the failed transactions:

  1. Go to the Invoice to be reprocessed with Autopay
  2. Change the Autopay Status to Eligible
  3. Set the Autopay Date to the date that of the Autopay workflow


Once the Invoices are updated to Eligible with the Autopay Date, the Autopay workflow will run again and will pick up the Invoice(s) to be processed on the Autopay Date. When the Autopay workflow runs successfully, the following status changes will occur:

  • Autopay Status: Successful
  • Invoice Status: Paid in Full


Closed Accounting Periods

Invoice(s) associated with a closed accounting period will not be processed through the Autopay workflow. Autopay requires invoices marked as Eligible  and invoices in a closed accounting period are no longer editable. Any invoices in this closed account period will generate the message: This transaction is currently in a closed period.



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