How to reprocesses Autopay failures

When the Autopay workflow fails, by not processing the payment for the invoice due to an error with the tokenized payment method the Autopay Status will be Failed.

For more information on Autopay Failures: Autopay Failure Reasons

Once you have made the necessary changes to the tokenized payment method you can set up the Autopay workflow to run again to process the failed transactions.

  1. Go to the Invoice you would like to reprocess with Autopay
  2. Change the Autopay Status to Eligible
  3. Set the Autopay Date to when you will running the Autopay workflow


4. Once you have set the Invoices as Eligible and the Autopay Date, the Autopay workflow will run again and will pick up the Invoice to be processed on the Autopay Date.

When the Autopay workflow runs successfully the Autopay Status will change to Successful and the Invoice will change the status to Paid in Full.


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