Manual invoice matching for checks

When the Paystand system is unable to match an invoice to a payment, the check will remain in the UNMATCHED section. This usually happens when a payer didn't include an invoice number or remittance stub.


Match Regularly

Manual matching is a recurring process. It’s common for payers to write the invoice number illegibly on the check or forget to include their remittance stub.

In order for Smart Lockbox to continue processing, all checks received on any given day must be matched to invoices.


Steps to match checks

  1. Navigate to the Unmatched tab in your dashboard to view unmatched checks that require manual input.  

  2. Click Match Invoice(s) to display the check attachments used to reference an invoice for help matching the check.

  3. Click the + Add New Invoices link to enter the Invoice that needs to be matched.

mceclip2.pngOnce the checks have been matched, they will be removed from the UNMATCHED list and the check status will change to Matched. At this point, the check will process normally through Cash Application, Deposit, and Reconciliation.



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