Automatic Invoice Matching

Checks Received

PayStand picks up incoming mail twice every business day. As soon as we process your checks, they appear on your dashboard under Transactions > Checks.

Click the ►to see how far the check has progressed through the process.

Click the Attached Files link to see images of the check and any additional correspondence from your payers.



Checks Cashed

PayStand deposits the checks into an escrow account.

On your dashboard, the checks’ status changes to Funds Received.

Funds will be automatically sent to your bank account on the next business day.



Automatic Invoice Matching

PayStand pulls only Open invoices from NetSuite and tries to match them to the payments you received. You’ll see the check status change to Matched.

If no match is found, the status changes to Pending Match and will appear in the Unmatched tab.




Payment Matched to Invoice in Netsuite

In the NetSuite Invoice section, you can see the matching invoice. 




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