Paystand Zero Card: Expense Management (Frequently Asked Questions)

Paystand's Zero Card helps businesses manage, track, and control spending in real-time. It's the only card with an in-network mode for unlimited free payments (0% + $0.00).

What is Zero Card?

The Zero Card is a prepaid virtual expense card that employees can use to securely make purchases online and over the phone.

Using the Zero Card, finance teams get better control and visibility over company spending, Accounts Payable (AP) processes become simpler and more efficient, payment cycles become shorter, and all parties in a transaction are better protected against fraud. It also reduces exception processing and allows you to capture more transaction detail for faster reconciliation.

Zero Card - Dashboard

How does Zero Card work?

Our virtual cards work exactly the same way as any physical card, except they require no credit checks, and businesses can issue and deactivate these 16-digit card numbers in just a few clicks.

When an employee needs to make a purchase or pay off an invoice, you can easily create a card for single-use or assign a reloadable multi-use card. Single-use cards are great for helping reduce fraud while multi-use cards are great for recurring payments or grouping expenses by vendor or category. 

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Where are Paystand Zero Cards accepted?

The Paystand Zero Card can be used for online and mail/phone purchases wherever Mastercard® is accepted.

Are there any physical cards available?

Not currently. However, this is a feature we are currently exploring. Contact us if you're interested in a physical version of your Paystand Zero Card.

What is a Cost Center?

A Cost Center is an entity that you can use to assign a budget to your team and create Zero Cards. It can represent a department within your organization, a branch, a team, a business unit, or even a person.

When you create a Cost Center you need to specify the email of the person that will own it. When assigning this person, the only thing you need to keep in mind is that she will be able to use the funds assigned to the cost center by issuing Zero Cards.

Once funds have been added to a Cost Center, both the Admin (in most cases the CFO or controller within your organization) and the Cost Center owner would be able to issue Zero Cards using those funds.

A-Cost Center 01

What are the funding limits?

The default funding limits for an account are the following:

  • Max amount per transaction: $25,000
  • Daily funding limit: $5,000
  • Monthly funding limit: $15,000

If you wish to increase your funding limits, please contact us at

How does Paystand protect my data?

Paystand’s data is encrypted at rest with AES-256 at the database level. It uses an
algorithm to transform data stored in a database into “cipher text” that is incomprehensible without first being decrypted.

All of your key data is encrypted in real-time as it is being processed, which means that not even Paystand’s internal servers are able to obtain your plaintext customer information.

Additionally, our infrastructure for storing, decrypting, and transmitting customer information runs in separate hosting infrastructure and doesn’t share any credentials with Paystand’s primary services (API, website, and core modules.).

Are Zero Cards secure?

Security is a key consideration in all that we do at Paystand. No business can afford to overlook the need for protection against fraudulent activity and other abuse. That’s why maintaining tight security using both traditional tools and advanced proprietary technology is a key part of Paystand’s offering.

When you connect your bank account we do not store your login information, we only store the necessary information to create an ACH payment to process deposits.

Read our security fact sheet for more details.

Because our cards can also be used via the Mastercard network, all Zero Cards come with standard benefits that include identify theft protection and zero fraud liability.