Lockbox FAQs

Q: How much time does it take for the funds to be in my bank account?

A: After we receive the check, the funds should be available in your account after 4 business days.


Q: Do I get my own PO Address?

A: The physical address is shared between our clients. But in order to distinguish checks sent to you, we will create your own Mailstop Number.


Q: What happens if my customer (payer) doesn’t add the mailstop number?

A: The check will be sent back to the sender.


Q: Is there a fee for bounced or voided checks?

A: Yes. For al non processable checks we charge a 35 USD fee.


Q: Can we receive checks from the IRS?

A: Yes, the IRS can send checks that are endorsed to you to your PO address and using your Mailstop Number


Q: Can you process international check payments?

A: No, we can only process checks that are from US banks

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