Invalid Amount

Bank Message

This decline message comes from the payer's issuing bank due to a max transaction limit on their end.


The payer's card issuer has declined the transaction because of an invalid format in the amount field or the transaction amount may be too high for the card and it's exceeding the payer's transactions limit.

This message also appears when a non-credit card type number is entered when processing a payment, such as:

  • Gift cards or gift certificate cards
  • Travelers Check cards
  • EBT
  • International cards that are not configured for United States Denominations (USD)
  • Any other type of card that has the appearance of a credit card but is not actually a credit card

Next Steps

The payer must contact their card issuer for additional information. PayStand is unable to determine the cause of this message on behalf of the payer.

The payer can provide a new payment method.

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