Zip Code Error Validation

Bank message

The invalid zip code error is a result of the address entered being sent to the bank to match what is on record for the card. In this case, the transaction failed due to mismatched information.


This error occurs when there is an attempted transaction where the billing zip code provided does not match the zip code on file with the payer's bank. This response is received directly from the issuing bank.

Zip Code Error Validation code error is displayed when attempting to process a payment from your payer with a billing address that may have a ZIP code that includes characters that do not meet the U.S. 5-digit standard. The Zip Code entered has to be 5 numeric digits.

If a payer receives this message, they should confirm that their address is current with the issuing bank. 

Next Steps

The payer must contact their card issuer for additional information. PayStand is unable to determine the cause of this message on behalf of the payer.

The payer can provide a new payment method.

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