Billing portal customization

The billing portal empowers you to customize a lot of settings thereby changing the look and feel of the checkout that payers see. You can customize the payment methods you want to offer, enable/disable partial payments, manage fees, etc.

Default billing portal URL 

The dashboard includes a default billing portal URL, which will redirect customers to a page powered with Paystand checkout. You can find this URL in the billing portal section under the integrations tab.

If your company is multi-entity based, you will have different billing portals. You can customize only one or all of them, but keep in mind that payers will see different checkouts when they are paying to different entities of your company.


Billing portal custom configuration

It is highly recommended that you customize your billing portal (or portals in the case of multi-entity companies). This will allow payers to see your brand and steer them to your preferred payment methods.

The new billing portal will be saved on the main page of the billing portal tab and a URL will be generated. This URL has to be embedded in the Pay Now button (in email template) in order to be visible for payers. (See figure Custom postal configuration - URL).


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