Virtual Terminal

The Pay Now button included in the receivables tab (or Virtual Terminal), allows you to take payments on the spot on behalf of your customers. To use this feature select the invoice by checking the box next to the name of the customer and then click on Pay Now.


Payments via Virtual Terminal with funds on file

If there are funds on file for the customer, you will only have to select the invoice to be paid, select the payment method and click on Pay Now

Payments via Virtual Terminal when there are no funds on file for customer

For customers with no funds on file, you will have to tokenize a new payment method. To do so, select the invoice and click on Pay Now. When the new window pops-up, enter the payment information.

Once this is complete, the customer will have funds on file. To make the payment of the invoice, proceed as stated in the previous section.

Payment confirmation

Whenever a payment is complete, you’ll see a confirmation message on top of your dashboard, the amount due will change to $0.00 and the status of the invoice will change to PAID. The customer will also receive a confirmation mail and a receipt for the payment. 

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