Sage Intacct Implementation Requirements

It usually takes from 4-7 business days to complete the branding, settings form, and admin permissions (this is the part that usually takes longer).

Requirements for Subsidiaries

  • Name of subsidiaries and their IDs, 
  • Country of their business entity, country of their bank account, currencies used to present invoices and sales orders, 
  • The entity where invoices/sales orders are created, and the types of invoices they use (are they personalized?). 
    • Are invoices/SO created at sub-locations? 
  • What documents are required to be sent with payment reminders? Paystand at the moment can only automate attaching the PDF invoice.

System Setup

Top-level access (needed for smart events, email templates, reconciliation rules, and web users); role-based permissions; the activation of email templates, web services, and platform services; and admin access.

GL and Dimensions

Mandatory fields (dimensions) from GLs and their default values (if used for reconciliation, we’ll need the default values AR, checking account, merchant checking account, and convenience fees account); what GL accounts will they use (we can view which dimensions they’ll use through these); ID from GL sales discount, merchant fees, convenience fees, and adjustments; fund transfer GL account; and numbering convention (in case we must create these). 


Logo, primary color, secondary color, and background image.


Sage sandbox access and production access (they must create an account for us).

Implementation Times

  • Sage settings and configuration (sandbox): 2 days
  • Testing: 1 day
  • Walkthrough & UAT: 2 days (ideally)*.
  • Sage Production settings and configuration: 2 days
  • Testing: 1 day

*UAT may take longer for clients who have additional requirements outside of the SOW. 

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