General considerations for Collections Plan

With this feature you have the option to create an email chain to remind your customers about pending payments.

There is a default email chain created by Paystand, but this is fully customizable according to your needs.

  • You can create and assign plans from the collections tab in dashboard (plan will apply to all customers and all receivables) or from the receivables tab (plan will apply only to the selected invoice(s)).
  • You can assign plans from customer level, the plan will apply only to the selected customer.
  • You can remove customers from the default plan. 
  • If your company has more than one subsidiary, you will probably have more than one billing portal. For those scenarios, you will have to choose which billing portal the customer will be directed to. If you don’t make a selection, the customer will be directed to the default billing portal.
  • If you create a new plan and make it default, all customers assigned to any previous default plan will be reassigned to the new default plan.


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