Convenience Fees and Payer Incentives


With Fees and Incentives you have the possibility to ‘transfer’ convenience fees to your customers, leaving revenue unaffected no matter the payment method your customers use. 

Paystand dashboard includes a default Fees and Incentives plan which will apply to all customers paying through the billing portal. However, you can update it and customize the desired rates according to each payment method. 

Note: Fees can be set for credit cards and/or ACH, discounts can be offered for bank to bank network payments or ACH. (There is no possibility to offer discounts for credit card payments or fees for the bank to bank network).

Edit Fees and Incentives Default Plan

Editable information:

  • Name of plan
  • URL key
  • Rates for each payment method

Watch the following tutorial:

Final considerations

  • Make sure the switch is swiped right to enable typing the amount of fee or discount. If the switch is swiped left, the settings for that payment method will not be applied and the writing space will be blocked.
  • There will always be a Default Plan. (It cannot be deleted).
  • If you want to deactivate this feature, changes rates to 0 in each payment method and save the changes.
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