Funds-on-file refers to the saved payment methods information (or tokens) stored in Paystand  dashboard. This data can be added by the user, the payer, and is also saved when a customer goes through the checkout. You can learn how the information was stored by looking at the source column.

There are two ways to store the funds in Paystand dashboard: by capturing a token or by requesting it to the payer. Watch these videos to see how each works:

Capture Token

You can only capture ACH or Credit Card information. Watch the following tutorial:

Archive token

Archiving a payment method allows you to remove it from active use while preserving its transaction history for future reference. To archive a token, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the customer information in the Paystand dashboard.
  2. Locate the token you want to archive and click on the action menu.
  3. Click Archive.


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