NetSuite Bundle Release Notes May 20th, 2022 - 2.26.36

NetSuite - Lockbox and Wires payments manual matching with Sales Orders (Only for Paystand Dashboards users)

  • Enablement of Lockbox and Wires payments manual matching with Sales Orders as we currently have it for Lockbox payments with invoices. This ability is enabled through Paystand Dashboard.  

NetSuite - Update on “Quotes & Estimates to Sales Orders” feature

  • Minimum amount to convert field got changed from Percentage Value to a Numeric value to specify an amount of money to convert. 
  • Error code based on Minimum amount to convert field, the error code is displayed when the merchant sets an amount greater than the total amount of the Quote & Estimate

NetSuite - Variables names update on NetSuite email Templates

  • Internal script update to optimize bundle and email templates updates. 

NetSuite - Filtering of Open Invoices in checkout by NetSuite Fields

  • Enable Open Invoice filtering for checkout / billing portal experience based on NetSuite Fields. This filtering is added on the “Pay Now” URL by attributes. 

NetSuite - Visibility of long Token names.

  • An improvement of the UI for Token selection has been released. The visibility of the Token Names changed. For long Token Names, the UI will display a 2 lines token name. 

NetSuite - Font color of invoice links on collection mails.

  • Links displayed on email templates were changed from gray color to blue. 

NetSuite - Optimization of Reconciliation process. 

  • Back end improvement to process a greater number of transactions per day.
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