NetSuite Bundle Release Notes May 20th, 2022 - 2.26.35

NetSuite - Journal entries matching with Paystand Dashboard payment methods

  • Paystand is enabling a manual matching option for these scenarios. This is the first of two development stages, to have this feature available, is required some more development from the AR Engineering team.

NetSuite - Autopay failure notification

  • Paystand enabled an Autopay Failure Notification for merchants to let them know when an autopay transaction fails, so they can proceed with their payers and fix the situation.

NetSuite - Warning messages for refunds wrong executed

  • This feature enables warning messages for users that process refunds records, this to notify when a change may cause a Transfer Report failure or issue.

NetSuite - Validation of “Multi Subsidiary” feature

  • A new added validation was added to Paystand Checkout load process, so it can validate “Multi Subsidiary” feature on merchant’s NetSuite environment.
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