Card Testing for Sandbox


The Developer Guide has the most up-to-date details on test cards. This can be used for internal reference.

Testing Cards

Card Number Details
4000000000000077 Charge will succeed and funds will be added to available balance.
4242424242424242 Charge will success
4000000000000002 Charge will be declined with a charge declined message
4000000000000069 Charge will be declined with an expired card
4000000000000127 Charge will be declined with an incorrect cvc

Charge will success and later disputed as fraudulent

Testing Banks

Payments, Banks, Merchant Customers

The following test bank account and routing number can be used for creating test transactions, creating banks, or when creating a merchant customer

Account Number Routing Number Currency Details
000123456789 110000000 USD Resource status will transition from posted to paid
000123456789 11000-000 CAD Resource status will transition from posted to paid

Verifying a Bank

Paystand usually requires Bank resources verified before they can be used for other operations. For example, withdrawing money or being used for payments or payouts.

Bank resources can be verified in two methods:

  • Directly using a BankLogin session
  • Indirectly using micro-deposits


When micro deposits are initiated in a test environment, the values below can be used to successfully or unsuccessfully verify the bank.

Visit the Paystand Developer Center to learn more about Verifying Amounts.

Deposit Amounts  
32 or 45 Verification will be successful
Any other amount Verification will fail

Testing Bank Logins

Username Password BankName BankKey MFA Question MFA Answer
paystand_test paystand_good Wells Fargo wells You say tomato, I say...? tomato
paystand_test paystand_good Bank of America bofa You say tomato, I say...? tomato
paystand_test paystand_good Chase chase You say tomato, I say...? tomato
paystand_simple paystand_good All Banks wells N/A N/A

** see below for details

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Questions

MFA Question MFA Type MFA Answer
You say tomato, I say..? Questions / Selections
  • tomato will succeed
  • again is a valid response for questions that will return another question mea 
What is the name on the bank account? Questions paystand
What is the account holder type? Questions individual or company
Account Number Questions 9876543210
Routing Number Questions 111121111
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