Automated Cash Application and Deposit Reconciliation

Once a payer completes a payment using the checkout experience, an automated cash application will take place to match incoming payments with the corresponding invoices in MS Dynamics Business Central. 

Paystand also provides automated deposit reconciliation. Instead of manually matching individual deposits to transactions, our system automatically identifies and reconciles bank deposits with corresponding transactions in your ERP.

How Does it Work?

When a payment is processed via Paystand Checkout Experience, our system analyzes the payment details, such as the amount and reference information. It then matches this information against the outstanding posted sales invoices in MS Dynamics Business Central to update the status of the invoice in real-time and create the corresponding ledger entries associated with the payment.

When bank deposits are recorded in your account, our deposit reconciliation system automatically compares these deposits against the transactions recorded in your accounting system. Using sophisticated matching algorithms, the system identifies the transactions associated with each deposit and reconciles them accordingly.

Need Help?

Our support team is here to assist you if you encounter any questions or challenges during your training. Simply create a request for our support team, and we'll ensure a smooth transition to mastering Paystand's Microsoft Dynamics Business Central integration.

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