Data Migration Guide NetSuite

Efficiently transitioning data involving tokens between systems is essential. This guide offers steps for a seamless migration, ensuring the integrity and continuity of your essential information.

Using the CSVs provided to you, here is how you can import both Payer IDs and Autopay Tokens inside your Netsuite:


2. Select the following values for each field: 

a. Import Type: Relationship

b. Record Type: Customers Only 

c. Character Encoding: Western (Window 1252) 

d. CSV Column Delimiter: Comma

3. Mark the ONE FILE TO UPLOAD radio button 

4. Click Select… and choose the CSV file containing the card data 

5. Click Next

6. Select the UPDATE radio button 

7. Advanced Options (optional) 

a. Depending on the type of Update and what you are looking to do, set up the ‘Advanced Options’ as necessary 

8. Click Next

9. Drag the corresponding Column titles to the table and map them to the necessary field in the Customer Record. For data migration, see mapping below: 

a. NS_CustomerId: Customer : Internal ID

b. paystandTokenId: Customer : Paystand Payment Token

c. payerid: Customer : Paystand - PayerId

If you have any questions please submit a request to our support team.

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