Set up Open Invoice Reminder

Open Invoice Reminder is a plan-based feature. Once you enable it in your plan and go to the Customer tab on your Paystand dashboard, you’ll see the Open Invoice Reminder in the Customer Settings buttons section:


When you click on it, a new popup will allow you to select the weekly frequency of the reminder as well as the days you would like to send it.

You can select any of their available Billing Portals.

You can also set up BCC emails for the reminders. This input comes prefilled by default with the additional emails you have in their accounts. If you uncheck the checkbox, no BCC email will be configured and the input will disappear.

(Email will always be sent to the primary email and BCC email can’t contain duplicates).


If everything is ready and you click on Apply, a request will be sent and Open Invoice Reminder will be successfully set up. The popup window will close itself. This is how a Customer page with Open Invoice Reminder set up looks like:


Notice how the button changes to green indicating that it’s active and the label also changes to reflect the change and remind you of the frequency they selected.

IMPORTANT: Reminder emails will be sent at 6:20 am to all customers depending on their time zones.



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