Provide console access to Paystand

Our partnership with Sage now allows us to offer seamless access to your Sage environment without the need for an additional license.

This access enables Paystand to work efficiently in your environment and provide the best support possible. Through a Sage Partner's portal, Paystand gains entry to your company's Sage environment as an External Service Provider, enhancing collaboration and simplifying the process for both parties.

Benefits of Providing Sage Access to Paystand

Convenience: Granting Paystand access via the Sage Partner's portal eliminates the need for separate logins or additional licenses, making it a convenient and hassle-free solution.
Enhanced Support: With access to your Sage environment, our team can swiftly address any issues, optimize configurations, and provide efficient support, ensuring a smoother experience.
No Additional Charge: We are delighted to offer this service free of charge. Our commitment is to provide the best possible support to our valued customers.
Temporary Access: Access is typically granted for a specified time period or until you choose to disable it, offering you full control over the authorization.

How to Add Paystand as an External Service Provider

1. Go to Company > Admin > External Authorizations and click the Add key.

Screen Shot 2023-07-26 at 1.54.01 p.m..png
2. In the Company ID field, enter 'Paystand-MPP CONSOLE' for merchants.
3. Use the drop-down list in the Access type field to select Services.
4. If desired, you can add text describing the need for the authorization in the Description field.
5. Enter a date in the Expiration date field using the calendar tool.
Please note that the expiration date cannot exceed 90 days from the day you set it.
Screen Shot 2023-07-26 at 3.09.18 p.m..png
6. Click Save to complete the process.

Setting Up Admin Privileges for Paystand

You have just completed giving your implementation team the ability to slide into your company instance.

Now you will need to ensure the administration level is correct for the External Services slide-in user.

1. Go to Company > Admin > External Users.
2. Click Edit next to Paystand's external Company ID.
3. Change the Admin privileges for the user to 'Full.'
4. Click Save.
5. Sage Intacct will request identity verification; enter your user password and click Done.
6. Lastly, email the Paystand contact to inform them that access has been granted.

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