Push Payments

Paystand’s Push Payments is a powerful solution that enables merchants to process ACH payments outside the Paystand network, automating the reconciliation process and integrating all the information into the merchants NetSuite.

This product offers several benefits for merchants:

  • It allows for faster processing of payments, with funds typically transferred within one to two business days. The lower fees associated with ACH payments make this a more cost-effective solution for merchants.
  • This feature automates the reconciliation process, reducing the need for manual intervention and ensuring that all payments are accurately recorded and applied to the correct invoices. This improves accuracy and efficiency and frees staff to focus on other important tasks.
  • Streamlining the payment process and eliminating the need for manual data entry. This reduces the risk of errors and ensures that all payment information is accurately recorded and easily accessible.

How it Works

To start with Paystand’s Push Payments, the merchant signs up for the service and creates virtual accounts for their payers. 

If you want to enable the Push Payment feature, please contact your Customer Succes Manager.

Receiving payments

To start receiving payments, the merchant must notify his payers of the information for the virtual account. Payers will push the payment into the virtual account. Paystand will identify which payer the payment corresponds to and transfer the funds to the merchant’s bank account, generating a transfer report.

Matching payments to invoices

When any amount of money is pushed into the virtual account, the merchant receives a notification via email of payment received that requires matching. 

The merchant must go to the Push Payments tab in the Paystand dashboard, where he will see the unmatched payments. Once the merchant clicks on any of them, he will be presented with all the payer’s current invoices and decide which receivable(s) will be closed. 


Cash application & Deposit reconciliation

Once the matching is completed, a payment record is created, cash is applied to the selected invoice(s), and automatic deposit reconciliation occurs. The payment will now be reflected in the Matched section of the Push Payments tab in Paystand dashboard.



Please be aware that the feature discussed in this article is currently exclusive to merchants utilizing the Netsuite Suiteapp integration. We are actively planning to expand this feature to other ERPS systems in the future.

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