Why is nothing happening when I click "Pay" on the checkout?

If you're experiencing a situation where nothing happens when you click "Pay" on the checkout interface, it is likely due to the use of autofill. Our system requires all information to be entered manually, including the dropdown selection for the state.

Next Steps

  • Disable autofill: Make sure your browser's autofill feature is turned off or disabled for the checkout page. Autofill may interfere with the payment processing by not triggering the necessary actions upon clicking "Pay."
  • Enter the information manually: Manually input all the required information, including credit card details, billing address, and other necessary fields. Avoid relying on autofill to populate these fields.
  • Select the state from the dropdown: Instead of relying on autofill to fill in the state information, use the provided dropdown menu to select the appropriate state manually.
  • Check for error messages: After manually entering the information and selecting the state, carefully review the page for any error messages or notifications that may be displayed. If there are any issues with the entered information, an error message might appear, indicating the specific problem that needs to be addressed.
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