Handling Sales Order

The Sales Order payment process is one of the main processes of Paystand in Netsuite. This process allows you to pay a sales order before it is billed and creates a Customer Deposit or a Cash Sale depending on the payment method. When a Sales Order has a defined payment method and it is paid, the result is a Cash Sale. In contrast, when a Sales Order doesn't have a defined payment method and it is paid, the result is only a Customer Deposit.

Customer Deposit payment flow

1. When a Sales Order is created, it is required to be approved before it is paid, in order to avoid errors when the transactions are created by the process. Creating an item fulfillment is not required but in some cases it is recommended.


2. For the case of creating a Customer Deposit, it is crucial NOT to set a payment method.

You can find the payment method field on the tab billing and then in the payment section.


As it was mentioned, fulfilling the order is not required for the current process but it is recommended for a process where the result is another type of transaction.


3. To start the payment process, you need to click the Pay with Paystand button to show the virtual terminal.


When the virtual terminal is shown, you can see the total amount of the transaction and a fee depending on the fund used. You are allowed to modify the payment amount in the subtotal field. Once you choose a fund and payment amount, you need to click the Create Payment button. 


When the Create Payment button is clicked, the virtual terminal is communicating with Paystand and register the payment. If the process is successful a message is shown on the visual terminal, otherwise an error message is shown.


4. When the payment is registered, Paystand sends a signal to Netsuite to confirm the payment and then it creates a Customer Deposit.


The Customer Deposit should be shown as Deposited and a Deposit Application should be created.








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