Paystand Email Notifications

We understand the importance of timely and accurate information, providing payers and merchants with real-time updates on their transactions.

That's why we generate email notifications for each of these transaction types to keep our payers informed every step of the way.

Payment Notification External

When a payment is made, we generate an email notification to let your payers know that the payment has been received and processed successfully. This notification includes details such as the payment amount, payment method used, and any relevant transaction or reference numbers.


Payment Notification Internal

We generate internal payment notifications that enable our merchants to receive real-time updates on payments received. By providing real-time updates, we aim to help our merchants stay on top of their payment processing and have the necessary information to manage their business operations effectively.


Withdrawal Notification

When a withdrawal is generated, we send an email to inform our merchants that the withdrawal has been processed successfully. 


Refund Notification

When a refund is issued, we generate an email notification to let our payers know that the refund has been processed.



NOTE: If you're having issues with any of these email notifications, please Submit a Request.


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