Features and Functionalities

With Payer Portal, customers can efficiently manage and settle their outstanding balances using the features and capabilities offered by our platform listed below:

  • Payment Details Page
  • User Creation, Login, and Password Recovery
  • Profile (MFA and Password Change)
  • Transactions Page
  • Merchant Selector
  • Payables Page
  • Payables Details Page
  • Make Payments on Payables
  • Payable PDF Download
  • Email Modification (Synced from Sage Intacct)
  • Custom URL for Direct Access (Coming soon)
  • Vendor Tab / Contract File (Coming soon)

Payment Details Page

Once the payer has completed their payment through the Paystand Checkout, they will be presented with a payment summary page. This page will show all the relevant details related to this transaction, such as but not limited to the payer's billing information, the invoices paid, and the payment amount.

All payers will be redirected to this page at the end of the Checkout flow without the need to log in or change the merchant's plan settings. This page can accessed through the Payer Portal by clicking on a transaction identification text on the Transactions page.

The Payment Summary page is composed of the following sections:

  • Navigation Bar: The left vertical navigation bar contains the main navigation menu. Through this menu, payers can navigate through all available pages of the Payer Portal if logged in.
  • Payment Details: The payment details panel displays the merchant's business name, the payment method used in the transaction, the payer's email address, and their billing address.
  • Payment Summary: This panel shows an overview of the transaction. It lists the invoices paid with this payment, the subtotal payment, associated fees or applied discounts, and the total payment.
  • Payment Record: This section shows the payment identification number for reference.
  • Signup and Login: The signup and login buttons will be shown if the portal has no active session. These buttons will take the payer to their respective signup and login pages.

User Creation, Login, and Password Recovery

To create a new user, a payer can click the "Sign Up" button on the Payment Summary page or the Login page of the Payer Portal. The payer will be required to enter a display name, an email address, and an alphanumeric password with the following characteristics:

  • 8 characters long
  • 1 lowercase letter
  • 1 symbol
  • 1 uppercase letter
  • 1 number 

The email address must match the one registered on the customer record in the merchant's Dashboard.

Once the user has been created, payers can use their newly created credentials to access the Payer Portal. This is done through the login page, which can be accessed by visiting https://dashboard.paystand.com/v2/ap/login-portal or clicking the Login button on the Payment Details page.

If the payer forgets their password to log into the Payer Portal, they can reset their password by clicking the “Forgot password?” button on the login page and entering their email. An email notification will be sent with instructions to for the payer to replace their old password with a new one.


Profile (MFA and Password Change)

The Profile page allows the payer to access and manage their accounts. Through this page, they may:

  • Change their Password: This is accomplished by confirming the payer's current password, providing the payer's new password, and confirming this new password.
  • Set Multi-Factor Authentication: An additional security measure to further protect access to their accounts.
  • Sign Out: This will end the current payer's session. They will need to sign in again to access the Payer Portal.

Transactions Page

The Transactions menu item will take the payer to the Transactions page, which lists all historical transactions. These are split into three tables: payments, refunds, and failed payments. All of these tables can be downloaded in CSV format.

Clicking on the invoice number will redirect the payer to the Payable Details page. If a single transaction is applied to more than one invoice, the value on the invoice ID column will show a "+1" (or a different number, depending on how many invoices were paid). You can hover your mouse over this text to see the additional invoices in a tooltip.

You will also see a help icon next to the value of the amount column. Hovering your mouse over it will show a breakdown of the payment.



Merchant Selector

Payers can view invoices from the various merchants they have done business with that are a part of Paystand's network. The payer must have received at least one invoice from a merchant to filter the portal by this merchant. This merchant must also be a Sage Intacct merchant with a Payer Portal plan enabled, otherwise, the merchant and their invoices will grouped in the "Others" option under the merchant selection dropdown.

Payables Page

The Payables menu item will take the payer to the Payables page, which lists all historical payables or invoices. These are split into three tables based on the status of the payables: all, current, overdue, and paid. Each row contains important details about individual payables, including their creation date, due date, amount due, and total amount. 

Clicking on the invoice number will redirect the payer to the Payable Details page.

Payables Details Page

Within the Payables section, the payer can access specific details for an individual payable by clicking on the invoice ID from a record in the Payables table. This page includes details of the payable, such as the creation date, due date, status, amount due, and total amount. In addition to these details, the payer can view transaction records associated with the payable.


Make Payments on Payables

A payer can initiate a payment by selecting one or more open payables from the payables page and clicking the Pay button on the top-right corner of the table. Alternatively, they can click on the invoice ID, open the Payables page, and click the "Pay Now" button to pay that payable. Either of these buttons will take the payers through our Checkout Experience.

Payable PDF Download

Our system will sync the payable PDF from the merchant's Sage Intacct entity. To download this file, the payer can click on the PDF icon next to a payable on the Payables page or the PDF Download button on a Payable Details page.

Email Modification (Synced from Sage Intacct)

A Sage Intacct merchant can modify a payer's account access email address by changing the email address of their customer record in the ERP. The payer will have to log into the Payer Portal with the new email address.


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