Getting started

To get started with Payer Portal, Sage Merchants must subscribe to the Payer Portal premium plan, which offers a bundle of features designed to simplify payments and improve collaboration with their payers.

For Payers, signing up for Payer Portal is an easy process. First, they must ensure their email address is the primary email in their merchant’s customer record in Sage. Then, after completing a payment via Paystand’s Checkout for an invoice, they can navigate to the receipt page by clicking on “View your payments.” On the top right part of the receipt page, there will be a sign-up button. Clicking on it will take them to the sign-up page where they can enter their name and password, with their email already prefilled, and click the sign-up button to create their account.

It is important to note that only payers whose merchants have subscribed to the Payer Portal premium plan can access the full range of premium features. If a payer has paid an invoice for a non-Sage vendor, or if their Sage merchant has not enabled Payer Portal premium, they will still be able to sign up to the payer portal to view their transaction history but will not have access to the full suite of features.

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