How to create Payment Request

In the Paystand Dashboard you are able to create a payment request for your payers. This feature will allow you to request a payment by entering a payment amount and a customer message for the payer, you will also have control of the payment method you would like to offer. 

The payer will received an email with the payment request including the payment link and custom message. They have to click the link and they will be redirected to the billing portal to proceed with the payment.

Payment Request

1. Click Payers

Screenshot of: Click "Payers"

2. Select the Payer you would like to send the request to. Click on the Payer ID.

Screenshot of: Click "v849sz6kedchjhkr55s7m6x9"

3. Click Create Payment Request.

Screenshot of: Click "Create Payment Request"

4. Enter the Payment Amount and you can add a Custom Message. The Custom Message is optional.

Screenshot of: Click the "Custom Message" field.

5. Click Request Payment
This will trigger an email notification that will be sent yp the payer, including the payment link.

Screenshot of: Click "Request Payment"

6. A confirmation message will pop up.

Screenshot of: Step



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