Change your Bank account

You can always change the bank account where the Paystand funds are being deposited from the Paystand Dashboard.

Change Bank Account

1. Click Settings

2. Click Add a Bank Account

3. Type the Account Holder's Name.

Select the Currency.

Select the Account Type.

Select the Account Holder Type.

4. Enter the Account Number.

5. Enter the Routing Number.

6. If you want to set the account as the default one, click the checkbox Set as Default

7. Click Save


Two-Drop Verification

1. Once the bank account has been added, it needs to be verified by using a two-drop deposit to be able to receive withdrawals/deposits. 
Click Start Two Drop Verification to start the process.

2. Click Drop

Within 1-3 days (and sometimes sooner), two deposits (each less than $1) will be made into this bank account.


Verifying a Bank account

1. Click verify

2. Enter the amount of the two deposits received in your bank account

3. Click Verify

4. Click "OK"

If you're using NetSuite & Sage Intacct to update the bank account will follow these same steps. Depending on the integration you currently are using, there might be extra steps to follow to complete this process in your ERP. Please review the following articles:


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