When you sign up for SMART Lockbox, there will be some steps you will have to follow to make sure that everything is working properly with the checks you receive. Your Customer Success Representative will accompany you during the onboarding, which consists of three phases:

1) Test checks

Before processing your full volume of checks through Smart Lockbox, we highly recommend you send 3-5 test checks to your Smart Lockbox address. These checks should have corresponding invoices number for a proper test of the auto-match feature.

Remember to include the following:

  • Your Mail Stop Number
  • Invoice number

2) Tell your payers

Your Customer Success Representative will provide you with the Payer Instructions page. We strongly recommend you share it with your payers.

Payers MUST include the following within the envelope:

  • Your Mail Stop Number
  • Invoice Number

Note: your mail stop and invoice numbers must be written on every check, not the envelope. Otherwise, automatic matching will not take place.

This is what the Payer Instructions page looks like:



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