How to submit Feedback

In the Help Desk Center, you will be able to send your feedback at any time.

Submitting Feedback

1. Navigate to Help Desk Center

2. Click Submit a request

3. Click on the drop-down to select the type of the request

4. Select the Feedback option to leave us your comments.

5. Enter your email address.

6. Enter your Name

7.  Enter de Subject

The Subject can be simple and describes the request or issue with just a word or a phrase.

8. Description. Type the feedback for our team

9. You will be able to attach files that you think are necessary.

10. Click Submit


Our team will be reviewing the feedback. Your feedback is necessary in order for our support team to provide a great service, all feedback will be taken into consideration, and for future improvements, all feedback is received, but a personalized response is not expected upon reception.




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