What is a Clerk Role in Paystand?

There are two roles currently available for the Paystand Dashboard:

  • Admin: Full edit access
  • Clerk: Minimal actions

The clerk role is blocked from the following actions:

  • Unable to perform updates on the dashboard settings:
    • Update Customer Records
    • Add / Update Merchant Banks
    • Change Logos
    • Add / Remove users
    • Update Convenience fees
  • Unable to view API keys
  • Unable to change other user roles
  • Unable to generate withdrawals
  • Unable to update webhook settings (Add/Update/Delete webhook endpoints, Enable/Disable webhooks in general)

For the Clerk Role, all other dashboard features should function normally:

  • Process Refunds
  • Process/Review payments
  • Send Reminders, Payments Request and Statements
  • Review Summaries and Reports
  • Capture Token 
  • Add a payer

New users are added to the Paystand Dashboard as admin users by default. To create a Clerk user please Submit a Request for Support.

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