May 2022 Release Notes

May 20th, 2022 - 2.26.36

  • NetSuite - Lockbox and Wires payments manual matching with Sales Orders (Only for Paystand Dashboards users)
    • Enablement of Lockbox and Wires payments manual matching with Sales Orders as we currently have it for Lockbox payments with invoices. This ability is enabled through Paystand Dashboard.  
  • NetSuite - Update on “Quotes & Estimates to Sales Orders” feature
    • Minimum amount to convert field got changed from Percentage Value to a Numeric value to specify an amount of money to convert. 
    • Error code based on Minimum amount to convert field, the error code is displayed when the merchant sets an amount greater than the total amount of the Quote & Estimate
  • NetSuite - Variables names update on NetSuite email Templates
    • Internal script update to optimize bundle and email templates updates. 
  • NetSuite - Filtering of Open Invoices in checkout by NetSuite Fields
    • Enable Open Invoice filtering for checkout / billing portal experience based on NetSuite Fields. This filtering is added on the “Pay Now” URL by attributes. 
  • NetSuite - Visibility of long Token names.
    • An improvement of the UI for Token selection has been released. The visibility of the Token Names changed. For long Token Names, the UI will display a 2 lines token name. 
  • NetSuite - Font color of invoice links on collection mails.
    • Links displayed on email templates were changed from gray color to blue. 
  • NetSuite - Optimization of Reconciliation process. 
    • Back-end improvement to process a greater number of transactions per day. 

May 20th, 2022 - 2.26.35

  • NetSuite - Journal entries matching with Paystand Dashboard payment methods
    • Paystand is enabling a manual matching option for these scenarios. This is the first of two development stages, to have this feature available, is required some more development from the AR Engineering team.
  • NetSuite - Autopay failure notification
    • Paystand enabled an Autopay Failure Notification for merchants to let them know when an autopay transaction fails, so they can proceed with their payers and fix the situation.
  • NetSuite - Warning messages for refunds wrong executed
    • This feature enables warning messages for users that process refunds records, this to notify when a change may cause a Transfer Report failure or issue.
  • NetSuite - Validation of “Multi Subsidiary” feature
    • A new added validation was added to Paystand Checkout load process, so it can validate “Multi Subsidiary” feature on merchant’s NetSuite environment.

May 11st, 2022 - 2.26.34

  • NetSuite - Autopay for Sales Order
    • Paystand is releasing the functionality and benefits of Autopay, now for Sales Order. The same feature already applied on Invoices, but now extending the functionality to SO.
  • NetSuite - Quotes & Estimates to Sales Order
    • Feature that allows merchants to send to their Prospects / Customers Quotes & Estimates with a Pay Now button, where their potential or current customers can pay for the quote, triggering an automation to convert the Q&E to a SO with the payment attached to it.

May 5th, 2022 - 2.26.33

  • NetSuite - Single invoice checkout congratulations message for full invoice payments.
    • Update on checkout experience for Single Invoice Payments, to keep known behavior after settling single invoices. Expected behavior is to see a Congratulatory message after a full invoice payment. 
  • NetSuite - Tokenization only for Subsidiaries with Paystand Configuration
    • Tokenization process was allowing customers from Subsidiaries that are out of Paystand Configuration to create tokens. This was updated so only customers in current Paystand configured subsidiaries can tokenize their payment methods. 
  • NetSuite - Invoice links in statement emails update
    • Paystand Email button with Links attached to the email template was throwing out an UNEXPECTED_ERROR error. This is an update of compatibility so the new bundle can allow invoice links in statement emails. 
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