February 2022 Release Notes

February 21, 2022 - 2.26.24

  • NetSuite || Refund behavior for Sales Order
    • Issue: The issue is related to the refund for scenarios where the Sales Order has 2 or more payments / invoices. When the merchant tries to perform the refund, the logic only was finding the first payment to be refund. 

    • Solution: Now we are able to proceed with refunds for multiple invoices / payments on the same Sales Order

  • NetSuite || Refunds through PFA method 
    • Issue: The Paystand Refund Feature was preventing Refunds from any other source but Paystand Refunds. Customers requested the ability to perform the refunds with NetSuite PFA (Payment File Administration) feature. 

    • Solution: When a merchant has other tools to proceed with Refunds (Such as PFA), now paystand don't prevent the process and allow the refund. 

  • NetSuite || Payments application for Customer Hierarchy
    • Issue: Even with the "Consolidated Payments" feature, you can only make payments at the top-level and last-level of a customer hierarchy, this scenario is a payment made at level 3 (Level 3 of 4), an intermediate level and that is why NS does not show sub customer invoices as available for payment.

    • Solution:The solution involves the ability to proceed with payments at any level of a customer hierarchy.

February 14, 2022 - 2.26.23

  • NetSuite || Pay with Paystand button not working properly
    • Issue: A payment had issues because the name of the payer has an apostrophe, creating a SyntaxError on the backend. 

    • Solution:We are able to process names with special characters

  • NetSuite || Refunds validations status per event issue
    • Issue: When the user creates a SO in NS and makes a split payment (pay the transaction with more than 1 payment) and makes a refund for the SO total amount, we don’t have all the refunds updated on DB. For the first refund, PS validate the information on NS and update, for another refund applying at the same transaction don’t do the same validation.

    • Solution:Now we will able to validate all the refunds for SOs

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